Can the hottest Jinhu tire cross the triple door

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Can Jinhu tire cross the "triple door"

after the "315 incident", Jinhu tire was constantly upset. The three factories in Nanjing, Tianjin and Changchun were trapped in a crisis of trust caused by quality problems. The reduction of market share and other domestic and foreign troubles forced the executives of Jinhu tire to re-examine the future in China

Jinhu began to recall 320000 defective tires on April 15, and the replacement will last for 6 months. During this period, Tianjin factory experienced the "quality gate", and the certification of its 3C products of Jinhu tires was "stopped" after several repeated experiments. During the shutdown period, Jinhu tires suffered huge losses, and the resumption of production was initially scheduled for August, but it still depends on the completion of the recall

not yet out of the shadow of "quality gate", another factory of Jinhu tire in China fell into "strike gate" in early June. On June 7, more than 400 workers of Jinhu tire Changchun factory began a collective strike because they were dissatisfied with the salary. After several days of negotiation and coordination, Jinhu had to compromise with the workers. During the strike, Changchun factory will compensate the car enterprises for the losses of nearly ten million yuan. It is understood that the factory has increased the wages of workers since July, while the average monthly wages of workers in previous years were only 800 or 900 yuan, and the annual benefits were only a few hundred yuan

after the factories in Tianjin and Changchun were "occupied", Jinhu tire made waves again. Recently, another heavy blow has been made in Nanjing's environmental governance. 173 "three high and two low" (high pollution, high energy consumption, high emissions, low efficiency, low output) enterprises have been ordered to stop production in an all-round way. Next, they will face different destinies such as rectification, production change and closure, among which Jinhu Nanjing factory is among them. When the public generally thought that the Nanjing factory would be stopped, Nanjing government officials announced that the renovation content of Jinhu tire Nanjing factory was relocation. According to the person in charge of Nanjing Jinhu, "since the establishment of the plant, the enterprise has never had any behavior of exceeding the standard emissions, and the company invests nearly ten million dollars every year for environmental improvement". Such a high cost of environmental remediation still faces the problem of relocation, many of which remain unanswered

after going through the "triple gate" of three factories, Jinhu tire has become increasingly anxious about the Chinese market. The quality storm has passed for nearly 4 months, but public 1. When a tensile force is applied to the sample until the sample is broken, the strength value should exceed the minimum tensile strength specified in the standard, but the complaints and doubts about its quality and after-sales have never stopped. "The recall speed is too slow" and "the recall proportion is a drop in the bucket" are still waiting for Jinhu to solve. After car companies have stopped purchasing, the growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in the golden age of Kemen growth and rapid growth. Lake may shift its focus to the consumer terminal market. After the "triple gate", the image of Jinhu has fallen to the bottom. Marcin W. W., spokesman of Rhodes City Liaison Department? Odarczyk explained that this was due to the poor prospect of the exchange visit of our delegation to Japan last year. Kumho has said that it does not rule out the Kumho brand to re-enter with a new brand after its withdrawal. Is this trick to imitate the renaming of Yokohama tire once again a challenge to the IQ of Chinese consumers

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