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Can high oil prices boost the "rise" of natural gas heavy trucks

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Introduction: Recently, the national development and Reform Commission adjusted the price of domestic gasoline and diesel for the second time in the year. Each ton talked about why it targeted the direction of entrepreneurship at the aluminum industry. The price suddenly rose by 600 yuan, and the price of No. 0 diesel reached 8.31 yuan/liter, up 0.52 yuan/liter. It is understood that this is the largest increase in domestic oil prices since 2008, making

recently, the national development and Reform Commission adjusted the domestic gasoline and diesel prices for the second time in the year, and the price per ton suddenly rose. "Wang Junjian, general manager of the company, proudly said 600 yuan, and the price of No. 0 diesel reached 8.31 yuan/liter, up 0.52 yuan/liter. It is understood that this is the largest increase in domestic oil prices since 2008, making logistics companies and retail investors engaged in road transportation services increasingly worried about whether the cost is uncontrollable under the pressure of high oil prices? It is understood that some small and micro enterprises have been forced to change careers because of the heavy load. If the oil price continues to rise, some enterprises will soon be unable to sustain it

in this regard, some media have made a more detailed investigation: for logistics companies, in addition to the increasing costs of labor costs, vehicle maintenance, tire and spare parts replacement, which have forced the rise of enterprise operating costs, oil prices can be called the last straw that overwhelms the profitability of enterprises. In addition, the logistics market in most parts of the country has been suffering from stubborn diseases in the industry, such as traffic restriction policies, low freight rates, intensified competition from the new army, more and less cargo volume, and "empty vehicles", so it becomes more difficult for enterprises to make money. At this time, it is imperative to choose a good means of logistics and transportation and find a good medicine to overcome the high oil price

fortunately, we see that natural gas heavy trucks have once again entered the sight of some logistics companies, and this return is even more fierce. It is reported that on March 29, 10 sinotruk (000951, Guba) "Haoyun" LNG natural gas tractors completed the delivery ceremony at the wharf of Xiamen port (000905, Guba) group. It is the first batch of new energy tractors in Xiamen, and it is also a rational choice for the enterprise to respond to the environmental protection and energy conservation ideas of Xiamen tourism city and pursue greater profits and benefits. Nantong transportation and logistics group also recently teamed up with Xinjiang Guanghui again to successfully sign a five-year coal transportation project agreement. The former plans to invest 200 natural gas heavy trucks at the end of 2012 to be responsible for coal transportation

then, can the natural gas heavy truck really stop the "oil tiger"? Here we might as well take a brief look at a set of data analysis. According to statistics, compared with diesel heavy trucks, the price of a natural gas heavy truck is 80000-100000 yuan per vehicle, but it can save 35% - 40% of the fuel cost, which is 100000 yuan a year. At present, the biggest difficulty in Mongolia China trade is the transportation problem of 150000 yuan. This undoubtedly makes many users slowly like and begin to try this kind of products. During this period, some heavy truck manufacturers also launched various traditional fuel-efficient and light-weight models, and successively launched natural gas heavy truck projects. Shaanxi Automobile, Dongfeng, heavy truck, Auman and beiben are all leaders in the natural gas heavy truck market

however, the development status of natural gas heavy trucks is not perfect: subject to the distribution of natural gas resources and the layout and construction progress of gas stations, the popularity of such products needs to be improved. In terms of policy incentives, although its technology is more mature than electric vehicles, its initial purchase cost is still high, and the government has not given subsidies. Of course, in the face of the irresistible rise in oil prices, natural gas heavy trucks are bound to be of great use, and car companies should make preparations for such users. For example, help users understand product performance, further develop and improve integrated logistics and transportation solutions, so as to help users complete cost optimization in a timely and effective manner

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