Can the hottest glass industry welcome spring

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Can the glass industry welcome the "spring"

what is the relationship between mold size and plastic shrinkage? Since the middle of April, the glass spot market has opened a rising mode synchronously, showing a V-shaped rebound. The main contract of glass Futures (currently the 2009 contract) continued its rise on the 26th after a sharp rise of 3.93% on May 25. New technologies are always described as "revolutionary". The intraday highest price reached 1441 yuan/ton, a new high in recent months, It has rebounded more than 20% from the low in April

"the driving force of this round of glass rise mainly comes from the improvement of supply and demand pattern, and the destocking speed is faster." Zhengjingyang, a nonferrous analyst at Nanhua futures, predicts that glass prices will continue to rise and are expected to return to last year's high. In previous years, June to July was the off-season for glass consumption, but this year, affected by the epidemic, the demand for glass at the end of construction completion postponed in the early stage is expected to be released, and there may be situations of "not light off-season" and "early peak season"

dingshitao, a researcher of nonferrous building materials at Guojin securities, also put forward three reasons for optimistic about glass in the research report. First, from the demand side, real estate is the main downstream field of glass, accounting for 75%. With the comprehensive promotion of resumption of work and production, the demand for glass also rebounded

second, from the perspective of supply side, the trend of glass price depends on supply and demand in the long term and inventory in the short term. At present, downstream demand began to recover, logistics and transportation tended to be normal, inventory fell from a high level, and prices also stopped falling and rebounded

third, in terms of cost, glass raw material testing instruments not only depend on the purchase price of single machines, but also on the fact that the demand growth rate of soda ash is lower than the supply growth rate, with obvious overcapacity and increasing inventory. Under the pressure of high inventory, the price of soda ash has hit a ten-year low. When it is mainly used to bond two or more film and sheet materials with different or the same properties, petroleum coke and heavy oil are important fuels for glass production, and their prices are highly correlated with crude oil prices. Raw fuel prices remain low, reducing the cost pressure of glass enterprises

can this round of rise continue and can the glass industry welcome the "spring"? Ding Shitao believed that affected by the epidemic, the price of glass fell all the way in the first quarter of this year. The market reappeared the situation of centralized cold repair of production lines, and the supply was contracting, but it laid a good foundation for the market to start in the second half of the year. With the comprehensive promotion of resumption of work and production, the supply and demand pattern of the industry is expected to improve in the second half of the year, and the price recovery is expected. It is suggested to pay attention to leading glass enterprises

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