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Development of home security monitoring: can HD be "visible"

in the past two years, HD has become a major selling point in the field of security monitoring. Whether it is the network monitoring that is most suitable for HD Play, HD-SDI that is "born for HD", or analog monitoring that was originally not destined for HD. Now, they have rapidly entered the HD market. How is the home monitoring system developing recently? What are the difficulties in popularizing the product market? What is the future development trend

home monitoring: can HD "see"

nowadays, home monitoring has become an important part of many home security tools. Whether it is a luxurious villa or a simple residential house. Home monitoring has become an increasingly common thing in our life. Of course, the rapid development of civil security equipment is obviously unexpected for many manufacturers and users

therefore, although many families have installed household monitoring and alarm devices, how to choose such things and what functions are most needed by household devices. I'm afraid not many people can keep them clear. In terms of technology research and development and design capabilities, it is obvious that behind this vast market, various problems caused by this confusion

for the overall security monitoring market, the popularity and even disputes of HD is undoubtedly a very good thing for the development of the whole market. As the wind vane of the development of video monitoring technology in the past two years, the popularity of HD means that China's monitoring industry is in a fast forward situation based on different temperature domains. However, is HD a promotion for all devices? The answer is undoubtedly No

and this "case" is undoubtedly the application of home monitoring. For home users, the main function of civil monitoring is to meet the needs of the elderly, children, or family security. Its main purpose is to ensure that users can still grasp the situation at home in time when they go out. Therefore, under such a premise, the first demand for household monitoring equipment is positioned as "visible"

of course, with the further development of technology, it is different from the public security monitoring that pays more attention to intelligence and transmission. Undoubtedly, the development of household security monitoring should be positioned at the more convenient transmission end, as well as richer identification, tracking and other capabilities. If possible, the corresponding entertainment functions can also be further implanted in the device. Of course, the premise of all this is based on seeing. As for HD, its appearance is not only of little help to the visible demand of civil monitoring. On the contrary, in the general monitoring environment of the network environment, it really becomes a big burden, and may even be "invisible" because of the delay of the network

from this point of view, HD is not necessarily the endorsement of high-end monitoring. In different working environments, demand is always our first choice. If you pursue HD excessively, it seems like a sensible person, but in fact, it is the real muddle headed

selection standard of video monitoring system

home automation system should have friendly user interface, affordable price, customizable algorithm, standardized application programming interface and wireless network protocol. The system upgrade of this product can be completed with the assistance of a third party. When selecting an alarm control panel, users should consider whether the system supports wired UTP and wireless WLAN connections; Monitor whether the alarm is a device with low power consumption and fast heat dissipation

the service life of a video monitoring or alarm control panel is 5 to 10 years. Because the alarm control panel is different from ordinary household appliances, once it is damaged, it must be repaired by professional technicians. Therefore, consumers should consider whether the system provider can provide technical support and repair and replace the product free of charge within the warranty period

the warranty period of most alarm control panels is two years. Users should find very reliable manufacturers' installers or channel service personnel to avoid disputes during the warranty period. In addition to product warranty, the reference standards in different regions are also different, especially domestic home monitoring products are mainly foreign brands, so the voltage, power interface and product certification standards can not be generalized

for example, the household monitoring products and plugs in South Korea meet 220V voltage, and the household voltage in Taiwan is 110V. The product certification standards are also different, including CCC certification in China, FCC certification in the United States and CE certification in Europe; There are also certain standards for the internal technology of products, radio frequency and electromagnetic interference safety

challenges faced by home monitoring products

home automation equipment is a large range of products, including different products under different system classifications. Home monitoring and alarm is only part of it; As for the inclusion and inclusion of smart home automation system and home monitoring system, I'm afraid it's also difficult to distinguish

however, the most important thing is to ensure the stability and cooperation of each module system. Manufacturers should study which features of products best meet consumers' and which meet functional needs. Another big challenge comes from end-users. For those who are long-term in renewable plastic granulator equipment manufacturers in, their acceptance of new home automation technologies is weak, and these people are often the demanders of equipment. Therefore, if we want to popularize the market, we have to wait for the next 5-10 years to instill the concept of family monitoring into young people, and the market will turn around when they need to take care of their children and grandchildren

future development trend

with the arrival of IP, the alarm control panel will be more customized. Different buildings need different equipment to meet different environmental needs. Seeing a more flexible user interface and free development, according to the first group, the platform is the happiest thing for consumers. Today's home monitoring system supports tcp/ip network protocol, and the touch screen panel will also become larger. Home automatic monitoring equipment will become more friendly and intelligent. The equipment will integrate sensors and automatic detection devices to realize multi-functional three-dimensional monitoring and protection

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