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Create a new situation for the coordinated development of the printing industry around the Bohai Sea the "forum for the development of the printing industry around the Bohai Sea" organized by China Printing Technology Association and China Printing magazine in conjunction with 7 local associations in Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia opened today. The convening of this forum has been highly valued by the General Administration of publication. Yuyongzhan, deputy director, came to the venue to guide the work. Here, on behalf of the organizer, please allow me to express our sincere thanks to the leaders of the General Administration for their care and support! At the same time, I would like to extend my warm congratulations on the opening of the forum! I would like to extend a warm welcome to the leaders in charge of the local publishing bureaus, guests, representatives and friends of the units concerned who participated in this forum! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to beiren group and relevant units for their great support and warm help during the preparation and organization of the forum

normal align=left> the theme of this forum is "opportunities and Countermeasures for the cooperative development of the printing industry around the Bohai Sea". In this year's open day activities, guests and representatives will focus on several topics such as "advantages and problems faced by the printing industry around the Bohai Sea" and "countermeasures to promote the marketization of the printing industry around the Bohai Sea", according to the current status and trend of regional economic cooperation, and under the guidance of a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientificoutlookondevelopment, Discuss the development strategies of the printing industry in the Bohai Rim region

normal align=left> the Bohai Rim region is located at the junction of North China, Northeast China and East China, accounting for 12% of the total land area and 20% of the population. In 2003, the economic region achieved a GDP of 3606.5 billion yuan, a total of 1262.6 billion yuan of social consumer goods, and a total export of 82.1 billion US dollars, accounting for 30.9%, 27.5% and 18.7% of the country respectively. It can be said that the Bohai Rim region is the most active region in northern China. As a window of China's opening to the outside world and one of the important bases of foreign trade, it has a dense city cluster, port cluster and industrial cluster, and has outstanding advantages in the fields of politics, science and technology, talents, economy, circulation and so on. The development strategy of developing the West and revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China formulated by the state has brought it opportunities. The super engine of "Olympic economy" has injected a strong driving force into its development. On November 12 this year, the national development and Reform Commission officially incorporated the regional planning of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei metropolitan area, the development focus of the Bohai Rim region, into the national "Eleventh Five Year" development plan, which will undoubtedly lay a more solid foundation for the sustainable development of the economy of the Bohai Rim region. As far as the printing industry in this region is concerned, due to the relatively developed cultural industry, information industry and advertising industry, it has a strong market foundation in publication printing, commercial printing and other fields. According to statistics, the publishing resources of books, newspapers and periodicals in this region account for more than 40% of the country, and the advertising resources account for more than 30% of the country. At present, the number of commercial rotary printing presses in this region has exceeded 30, ranking first among the three major economic circles in China. In addition, the region also has a number of well-known printing bases or printing enterprise clusters, such as China Green Packaging Industrial Park, Beijing Printing Industrial Park, Sanhe Yangzhuang printing and binding City, northeast packaging and Printing City, Xiongzhou plastic packaging City, which is conducive to the agglomeration effect and scale benefit of the regional printing industry

normal align=left> however, it is undeniable that since January 1, 2017, compared with the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta economic zones, the Bohai Rim region has slowed down in the new round of regional resource reallocation and integration. At present, there are some problems, such as the high proportion of the state-owned economy, the relatively slow overall economic growth, the poor ability of the market to effectively allocate resources, the regional barriers that make it difficult for industries to achieve complementary advantages, the export-oriented economy is relatively backward Low level competition leads to waste of resources and lack of effective cooperation and coordination mechanism. The printing and related industries in the Bohai Rim region have some unfavorable factors that hinder the further development of the regional printing industry, such as the low degree of marketization, the excess production capacity of low value-added products, the relatively slow process of enterprise reform and reorganization, the prominent industrial structural contradictions, the poor free liquidity of production factors, and the lack of integrity of some enterprises. To this end, it is necessary for the industry colleagues in the Bohai Rim region to seize the historical opportunity of the national formulation of regional development strategic planning and the implementation of the strategic goal of "striving to build China into a globally important printing base by 2010", give full play to their geographical advantages, cultural advantages, resource advantages, scientific and technological education advantages and Olympic economic achievements, and vigorously strengthen the construction of institutional platform and development environment coordination mechanism, Jointly create a new situation for the coordinated development of the printing industry in the region

normal align=left> first, we should adhere to innovation, drive the modernization of the printing industry with informatization, and do not follow the old path of low-level and repeated construction

normal align=left> enterprises should actively adopt digital production processes and work processes to implement information-based management of human, financial, material, supply, production and sales, and accelerate the transformation from labor-intensive enterprises to technology intensive enterprises. Backward technologies should be eliminated to solve the problems of low value-added products' production capacity exceeding that of Vesta (now under the life science department of Lubrizol) to provide customized contract manufacturing services for the medical device industry and vicious competition in the industry

normal align=left> second, we should accelerate the process of marketization of the printing industry

normal align=left> we should break down regional protection and various administrative barriers, give full play to the basic role of the market in allocating resources, establish a unified, open and orderly market order and a competitive mechanism for the survival of the fittest, and gradually form a pattern dominated by large enterprises and coordinated development of large, medium and small enterprises. Government departments can take some encouraging measures to guide enterprises to actively participate in the competition in the international market and realize the "going out" strategy. Industry associations can also take the lead in organizing colorful economic and trade activities to build a platform for enterprises to carry out foreign cooperation

normal align=left> third, we should deepen the reform of state-owned printing enterprises

normal align=left> any reform measures that are conducive to the state-owned printing enterprises raising development funds, dispersing business risks, the joint-stock reform of enterprises, taking the road of modern enterprise system, developing advanced printing productivity and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises should be boldly taken by enterprises, and the competent government departments should give practical help and support. We should encourage the non-public sector of the economy to actively participate in the reform and restructuring of state-owned enterprises

normal align=left> fourth, we should make overall planning and coordinated development under the guidance of the scientificoutlookondevelopment

normal align=left> various categories of publication printing, commercial printing, packaging printing and other printed matter printing should be developed in a coordinated manner according to the market demand. The printing industry, printing equipment, equipment manufacturing and other supporting industries should be planned as a whole and rationally distributed. Attention should also be paid to printing scientific research, education, talent training and other work to serve the industrial development

normal align=left> I believe that as long as we unite, cooperate and make concerted efforts, the printing industry in the Bohai Rim region will achieve a good situation of interconnection and interaction, complementary advantages, coordinated development and common prosperity, and make greater contributions to the coordinated development of the region's economy. Finally, I wish this forum a complete success and a better tomorrow for the printing industry in the Bohai Rim region. Thank you

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normal align=left> source: China's printing industry

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