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Nan'an creates a new driving force for the development of mechanical equipment manufacturing industry cluster

Nan'an creates a new driving force for the development of mechanical equipment manufacturing industry cluster

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Guide: on the 23rd, in the workshop of Dayu heavy industry, a large CNC roll grinder that has been manufactured for nearly a year, was about to be assembled and completed. It was manufactured by Dayu heavy industry for an enterprise subordinate to Baosteel, The price of each unit is 7.5 million yuan. The quality is not inferior to that of Germany and

On the 23rd, in the workshop of Dayu heavy industry in Nanan Binjiang mechanical equipment manufacturing base, a huge CNC roll grinder, which has been manufactured for nearly a year, was about to be assembled and completed. It was manufactured by Dayu heavy industry for an enterprise subordinate to Baosteel, and the price of each was 7.5 million yuan

"we are not inferior to Germany and Italy in terms of quality, and we are much cheaper than them in terms of price. Each of them costs 40million yuan." Said Hongbin, assistant chairman of Dayu heavy industry

in October this year, the world's top 60 cold rolling enterprises will gather at Baosteel, during which a grand appraisal meeting will be held to appraise this product of Dayu heavy industry

"this is specially held for us. Those 60 enterprises are our potential customers, which is a major opportunity for us." Hongbin said

a hundred flowers bloom

following the stone ceramics, water heating kitchen and bathroom, shoes and clothing textile, the mechanical equipment industry is growing into an important pole of Nan'an economy

Huang Nankang, Secretary of Nanan municipal Party committee, said that in recent years, Nanan has actively seized the favorable opportunity for the central government and Fujian Province to support the development of equipment manufacturing industry, adhered to the new road of industrialization, paid attention to structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, paid attention to independent innovation and technological transformation, and realized the rapid, healthy and coordinated development of mechanical equipment manufacturing industry. At present, there are more than 600 mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises in the city, including 98 enterprises above designated size. In 2012, the scale output value reached 18.31 billion yuan, ranking among the top in the province

in the opinion of zhousijin, President of Nan'an equipment manufacturing industry association, Nan'an's equipment manufacturing industry has its own characteristics compared with Xiamen, Longyan and other places that have formed industrial clusters driven by a big leader

"just as our private economy in Southern Fujian blossoms everywhere, as far as user experience is concerned, our equipment manufacturing enterprises in Nan'an are also flourishing, driven by the market." Zhousijin said

as he said, at present, Nan'an machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is a big garden with hundreds of enterprises competing in Fumao Industrial Park, Binjiang Industrial Park, Luncang Yingdu Industrial Park and Chenggong Industrial Park

CNC machine tools are known as the "mother of industry". The demand for production machinery from surrounding characteristic industries such as stone, plumbing, shoes and clothing has greatly stimulated the development of Nan'an equipment manufacturing industry, and also promoted this industry to present today's diversified market segmentation pattern

Zhou Sijin explained that Quanzhou has a large number of industries and numerous enterprises. It is inevitable that production machines will break down or parts will be replaced, which breeds a strong demand for the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry

opposite the riverside base, the optical, mechanical and electrical trade exhibition center with a total investment of more than 3billion yuan has entered the tense construction stage. It is expected that the first phase of the project will be put into use in October

according to huangzhehuai, director of the base office, the establishment of the market is more conducive to enhancing the agglomeration capacity of Nan'an machinery and equipment manufacturing industry. This is not only because the local machinery and equipment manufacturing industry chain is complete and the process is complete, but also because it will be strengthened

"take bolts for example. Nan'an produces all kinds of bolts, whether automotive or mechanical, which is impossible for other places in the province to develop the equipment manufacturing industry." Huang said

each flower shows its own charm

although hundreds of flowers bloom at the same time, each flower has its own brilliance

Nanxing Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. has become the largest knitting machine manufacturer in Asia; Fujian agile machinery company is the largest ball mill manufacturer in China; Nan'an bearing and Fushan Hardware & Electrical Co., Ltd. have become leading enterprises in bearing production in Fujian Province; The CNC vertical lathe with a diameter of 6.3 meters processed by Chenggong Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is currently produced by only three enterprises in China; Dayu's fully automatic precision CNC roll grinder is not only one of the highest level machine tool varieties in China, but also breaks the monopoly of foreign technology and patents in the field of high-end roll grinder...

currently, in the field of vertical and horizontal machining centers, large CNC vertical lathes, gantry grinders, gantry boring and milling machines, gantry five axis machining centers, Heavy CNC roll grinders and other sub product areas, "Nanan manufacturing with high efficiency" has an absolute advantage in Zhejiang, Fujian and other markets

in March, the block forming production line produced by Qunfeng Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. turned Mauritania into its 107th overseas sales country (region) market

according to zhangjianhai, assistant to the general manager of Qunfeng company, the company's newly developed construction waste crusher is showing great promise and has been put into use in Kunming. "It breaks the whole piece of construction waste into powder or particles, replaces the natural fine sand and gravel used to make concrete, reuses the construction waste, and solves the problem of building waste landfilling."

outside the office of wangmingfeng, general manager of Shuangta Auto Parts Co., Ltd., there stands the fist product of Shuangta - the green steel wheel that is more than one person tall. It is formed at one time without welding. Wangmingfeng has every reason to be proud. In the field of steel wheel production of engineering vehicles, there are only fiveorsix manufacturers in the world, and Shuangta is the only one in China. It is reported that at present, 15 to 20 containers of steel wheels of the twin towers are transported to the North American market every month

the worldwide problem of remote fire extinguishing has also been solved by Nan'an enterprises. The high-end fire-fighting equipment jointly developed by Yuanhong fire and the National University of Defense Technology - long-range infrared automatic fire-fighting missile has become Yuanhong's fist product: when the water dragon and ladder can not catch up with the height of the building, the fire-fighting missile can easily "climb to the top", and automatically find the fire source according to the infrared radiation generated during combustion, with a range of 3 to 20 kilometers. Among them, the smallest one is portable and can be carried on the shoulder with its own power. Three of them can extinguish the burning area the size of a basketball court...

not long ago, an enterprise in the riverside base successfully manufactured a garbage sweeper with a working speed of 50 kilometers per hour, creating a speed record for the current garbage sweeper

the wind of intelligent manufacturing

under the background of tight employment and intensified external competition in recent years, the wind of technological transformation has prevailed in Nan'an equipment manufacturing industry

Huagai machinery, which specializes in the production of automotive fasteners and bolts, was once the largest manufacturer in the same industry in China. However, in recent years, due to market competition, the market advantage established by Huagai in its early days has gradually disappeared. Fortunately, Huagai has recently found a means to deal with it

10 days ago, Huagai company spent more than 300000 yuan to introduce a group of manipulator punches to complete the installation, and the trained workers are in trial production. "In the past, five people were required to manage two punches. Now only one person can see one punch, reducing the demand of workers." Workshop director zhanhongping said

the big star in Huagai factory is the cold heading machine in the fully automated small screw workshop. In the roar, many auto parts bolts fell into the container from the shipping port. The reading on the CNC console showed that the production efficiency was 80 bolts per minute at that time

"in the past, it took three punch presses to produce at the same time, and more than 10 workers had to be employed. Now, there is only one machine and one person." Zhanhongping said that he thought the more than 1.5 million yuan was well spent

in fact, Minda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is not far from Huagai, adopted automatic production several years ago. Since 2009, Minda has purchased 20 special CNC machines and CNC lathes, with an investment of more than 20million yuan. At the same time, Minda also independently researched and developed jigs and fixtures, which increased the workload of milling only 100 parts a day to 500 parts a day

"at present, the production equipment for bolts and shaft sleeves in the factory is an automatic production line. No matter how skilled the workers are, the product quality is very stable." Sunpeikun, general manager of Minda machinery, said

the intellectualization of Dayu heavy industry is reflected in the application and research and development of CNC system. The R & D team of Dayu heavy industry mainly comes from Xianfeng machine tool plant, the leading national large-scale key enterprise in the industry. At present, it mainly focuses on the production of high-end CNC roll grinder required by the advanced metallurgical industry. The accuracy of its "high-precision ultra heavy, full-automatic ultra precision CNC Roll Grinder" reaches 0 A huge human group is needed to support the 002mm, which is an impossible task for human beings

the company introduced Siemens hardware and independently developed software to replace Siemens' universal system to meet its own production needs. Finally, in 2011, the company sold its products to Baosteel again

after receiving this news, Siemens turned to Dayu heavy industry for investigation and learning

talking about the future development prospect of Nan'an's machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, Wang Chunjin, mayor of Nan'an, is full of confidence. He said that by 2015, Nan'an will strive to build the machinery and equipment industry into an industry with an output value of 50billion yuan. After three to five years of efforts in making experimental projects, Nan'an will build an industrial cluster of 100 billion yuan and a national demonstration base for new industrialization

interview notes:

Nan'an has no stones, but it has become an important stone production and trading center in the world

Nan'an has no copper mine, but sells more than 70% of China's plumbing products with copper as the main raw material

similarly, with outstanding foresight and courage, Nanan municipal Party committee and Nanan municipal government planned and operated with great efforts to build the machinery and equipment industry that did not have advantages into an advantageous industrial cluster in Fujian Province and even the whole country

entering Nanan Binjiang mechanical equipment manufacturing base is like entering an industrial museum

from machine tools to bearings, from parts to complete machines, from textile machinery, shoemaking machinery, plumbing machinery to stone machinery, brick making machinery and road building machinery, Nanan's equipment manufacturing provides equipment for more than 10 industries; The production process covers turning, planing, milling, boring, grinding and cutting, which is a complete mechanical equipment manufacturing system

it is not only an eye opener, but also a kind of vitality

the largest knitting machine manufacturer in Asia is located here, and the largest ball mill manufacturer in China is also here. A fully automatic precision CNC roller grinder produced by enterprises here has broken the monopoly of technology and patents in the field of foreign high-end roller grinders...

even so, entrepreneurs do not have the mentality of making small fortunes, but keep forging ahead, Heading for a grand future supported by "digitalization, intelligence and networking"

no one would doubt that apart from stone, ceramics, water heating, kitchen and bathroom, the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry will become another new driving force to promote the scientific development and leapfrog development of Nan'an economy

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