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Create infinite possibilities for the environmental protection industry you want

increase the continuous operation of power failure, under load protection, passenger car speed increase of railway system, and spring standard modification energy, effectively overcome the problem of instantaneous power failure

increase the simple starting function that is easy for novices to master, support multi-function buttons

the frequency converter has a built-in PLC card, and ensure flexible scalability

the built-in EMC filter and DC reactor, and the design reflects the environmental protection concept

it is learned that, In order to face the overseas high-end market and fully meet the needs of overseas customers, LS power (legal representative: juzijun, homepage:) has successfully developed a new generation of high-performance frequency converter (model: starvert is7) and will be grandly listed

"the reason for the birth of this new product is the research and development to create the world's top products," said the relevant person of LS power. "The development and listing of this product will make a great contribution to the fast-growing inverter export business of LS power."

in order to ensure reliable product quality in today's rapidly developing industrial environment, the product adds the functions required by the highly automated load environment. It is understood that before the advent of is7 frequency converter, the technical field has been restricted by the performance limitations of traditional frequency converter and cannot be successfully adopted

in addition, the user-oriented function and the environment-friendly design complying with ROHS regulations (the directive on the restriction of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment) are another feature of the product

is7 frequency converter introduces the function of adjusting the low voltage detection time, which can prevent the load stagnation caused by low voltage to the greatest extent even in the case of instantaneous power failure. At the same time, the drive of the load can be automatically restored after the normal state is restored. In addition, is7 inverter adds the sensorless vector function of permanent magnet motor, which can control induction motor and permanent magnet motor without other sensors. Compared with previous experimental machines, the performance of this experimental machine is much higher

in addition to the above features, the new product is also loaded with a simple start function to control the basic model and a "push to talk" multi-function button with 7 inspection rules. Even if you have never touched the frequency converter, you can easily do it with one button

in addition, the built-in PLC card, encoder card and other options of is7 greatly improve the expansion performance of existing products. The built-in equipment that can reduce electromagnetic wave and noise fully reflects the perfect integration of environmental protection and humanization in its design concept

LS power has great confidence in the launch of the new product: "with this new product, we will speed up the strategic pace of opening up overseas high-end markets in Europe and the United States, and further strengthen the position and influence of LS power as a global frequency converter manufacturer"

reference material

■ inverter

converts DC voltage (320/540v) into AC voltage with adjustable frequency and voltage (the maximum voltage is 220/380v), so as to realize the electronic equipment for motor speed control

it can efficiently control the speed of the motor, achieve the purpose of saving energy and improving quality, and is widely used in almost all fields of automation equipment, such as various forced draft fans, pumps, machine tools, textile machinery, etc

■ new generation standard frequency converter is7

new generation standard market regulatory bureau's emergency action quasi frequency converter: v/f, slip compensation, sensorless vector, sensorless vector, synchronous motor sensorless vector control, sensorless vector function (0.1hz/150% output torque) with ultra-low speed and large torque characteristics

250% instantaneous torque characteristic induction vector function

install master-k platform PLC tab, which can assemble small independent systems

set PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet and other options to ensure flexible scalability

built in EMC filter or external options can effectively suppress electromagnetic waves

built-in DC reactor, which can reduce harmonics Effect of power factor compensation

strictly comply with ROHS regulations to manufacture and manage

wide screen graphic LCD panel (supporting 5 languages/optional Standard Version and economic version)

according to the parameter variable setting guide, the simple start function can be easily used

to overcome the transient power failure, the undervoltage fault delay function is introduced

to ensure the normal load under abnormal power supply, the KEB (kinetic energy buffer) function is introduced

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