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Introduction: spotlight technology, founded in 2002, is the world's leading supplier of environmental and safety testing and analysis instruments, providing customers with complete analytical testing and information management solutions in the fields of environmental monitoring, food safety, industrial safety, public safety, etc. Through independent innovation, in just a few years, spotlight technology has developed into an important innovation platform in the field of environmental and safety detection and analysis instruments. Its related products have the most invention patents in the world, and its related achievements have won more than 40 awards, including the national science and technology progress award. A few days ago, the author approached Yao, the CEO of spotlight Technology Co., Ltd., which is known as the entrepreneurial wizard, with a year-on-year decline of 43.51%; After excluding exchange losses, the net profit per ton is about 328 yuan ((5) 2.53%) Mr. Naxin. (hereinafter referred to as: President Yao)

Mr. yaonaxin, CEO of spotlight Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

a high-end instrument for overseas returnees to explore the frontier

semiconductor laser gas analyzer, which can monitor and analyze all kinds of gases produced in the process of industrial production in real time and master the production status at any time, can play a great role in optimizing production process, energy saving, safe production and environmental protection production. It is widely used in iron and steel Chemical industry, electric power, environmental protection, building materials and other industrial fields

this technology will not only make great achievements in production process optimization, energy saving and pollution reduction analysis of industrial kilns, but also produce huge economic and social benefits in the fields of energy gas recovery, safety production and environmental protection monitoring

at a gathering of Zhejiang alumni from Stanford University, yaonaxin, who is a master of biology from Berkeley University and a master of management from Stanford University, met Wang Jian, the current chief engineer of spotlight technology and a doctor of mechanical engineering from Stanford University. The two hit it off

"when Wang Jian and I returned to China, our idea was that there was no special company with international influence in China's most high-end instrumentation industry, such as Siemens, Yokogawa, etc. we set a goal to build a company like Siemens in China."

in January, 2002, yaonaxin and Wang Jian, who returned from studying in the United States, jointly founded spotlight Technology Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou. After nearly two years of efforts, in november2003, focusing technology finally successfully developed and officially put into production semiconductor laser gas analyzer, becoming the first and only enterprise in China to produce laser gas analyzer

2004, the laser gas analyzer researched and developed by focus was officially put on the market in batches. As of 2006, due to the advantages of real-time measurement and maintenance free, the laser gas analyzer has gained a relatively monopoly position in the domestic iron and steel industry, occupying 70% of the market of the iron and steel industry, replacing the infrared analyzer originally provided by Siemens, Yokogawa, Japan and other foreign companies

independent innovation composes the legend of the instrument industry

only heroes have many ambitions, "dare to call the sun and the moon for a new day". Without great goals, there will be no great opportunities. It also includes a wide range of expertise in engineering and prototype manufacturing. The slogan of the spotlight is to be China's Siemens. "There is a strong national plot here. Why do Europe, the United States and Japan do so well? Why can't they do well in this industry in China?" President Yao often inspires his colleagues and employees in this way

"over the years, our goals have not changed since the beginning." The future is bright and the road is tortuous. After seven to eight years of rough roads, spotlight has gradually developed. It is not easy. "I think our plan is very complete."

then it is transformed into a 3-D shape: "we have introduced the operation and management mode of foreign high-tech companies, combined with the talent concept of being practical and using only talent, and formed a humanized and typical corporate culture." At present, the company has 1300 employees, with an average age of only 28. "There are a large number of young people with ideals, who are interested in fighting and who turn in the opposite direction, so that they can develop their own career planning and realize their own life value."

2006, spotlight began to enter the petrochemical industry and developed ultraviolet products such as sulfur volumeter and filter. In 2007, he entered the environmental protection industry and developed smoke analysis system, water quality analysis system and other products. In 2008, it began to launch near-infrared products for drug production, fruit, grain, oil products, etc

"from one product line to another new product line, from one industry to another, the spotlight is constantly expanding." At present, focusing has rich product lines such as laser analysis system, ultraviolet analysis system and near-infrared analysis system, and a full range of products including chemical analysis system, atomic emission spectrometry technology, optical fiber temperature measurement and radiation temperature measurement. "In the end, spotlight has achieved good brand awareness and industry position in China's instrument industry. These achievements have also inspired spotlight people's confidence."

looking for opportunities in danger to draw a bright blueprint for the future

the laser gas analyzer has a bright future. "In the next three to five years, it will have a considerable development." President Yao believes that there is still a lot of room for the development of semiconductor laser gas analyzer. The technology will continue to mature, and the instrument will become more intelligent, smaller and convenient. It will be more applicable and will replace the previous traditional solutions

according to President Yao, laser gas analyzers are widely used at home and abroad. Domestically, spotlight products are in a monopoly position and are also exported to Japan, the United States, the Middle East and India. Compared with China, Siemens and Nike products are widely used in Europe, especially in the petrochemical industry; In the United States, it is widely used in the natural gas industry

the economic crisis has affected most enterprises. Mr. Yao was candid, and spotlight was no exception, but "we made great efforts to follow up in terms of service. On the whole, the current sales revenue still increased, although the growth was not as high as expected"

"Under the impact of the economic crisis, we have taken positive measures to deal with it. First, we have launched more products and new products, entered some fields that we had not entered before, and made new sales. Second, we have entered new fields and industries, and carried out some anti economic cycle activities, such as public safety, food safety, etc. third, we have focused on green, and strive to become an environmental quality and environmental protection testing expert for environmental protection. In addition to some In addition to the detection instruments that help to save energy, safety products have also been launched, such as the alarm series, which are used by all industrial enterprises. "

"generally speaking, 2010 will be more promising and better than 2009. I hope that through the efforts of all the spotlights, we can do better in China, and we also hope that our products can be exported to more developed countries. We will truly bring China's high-end instruments and meters to the world!"

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