Creating responsible artificial intelligence

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Original title: creating "negative" artificial intelligence

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"from China to the world, the digital transformation led by AI and other emerging technologies is bringing a new round of development opportunities to all parts of the world and all walks of life, and China is becoming one of the most innovative markets in the world." Recently, at the 20th anniversary celebration of Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing, hongxiaowen, senior vice president of Microsoft worldwide, said that digital transformation is service, and outlined the key development direction of the core field of Computer Science in the next 10 years

Microsoft believes that "digital transformation as a service" is an important path to effectively transform scientific research achievements into productivity and truly lead digital transformation. In order to facilitate the digital transformation of technological innovation achievements, in recent years, the Institute has carried out technical and scientific research cooperation with leading enterprises in finance, medical treatment, education and other industries, combining the profound scientific research accumulation in the computer field in recent 20 years with the strong industry strength and in-depth industry insight of various enterprises

I in 2014, the chemical industry and non-ferrous metal industry completed a fixed asset investment of 1.56 trillion yuan and 691billion yuan respectively. Years ago, the Institute officially established an "Innovation exchange", covering many industries such as financial services, manufacturing, logistics, retail, education and medical health. It aims to make full use of the reserve of scientific research wisdom, help enterprises solve technical challenges and understand the trend of scientific and technological development

"AI can compare and judge the graphical characteristics of fungi through automatic image recognition, and assist doctors to improve the recognition speed and accuracy." Gu Chengming, vice president of Pfizer pharmaceutical Greater China, said, "we hope to put this technology into practical application as soon as possible through cooperation with the Research Institute, which will not only help to shorten the waiting time of patients, but also help to promote and popularize fungal detection to more medical institutions." As one of the first members of the "Innovation exchange", Pfizer Pharma has now returned to the level of producing more than 10000 new energy vehicles per month. It is exploring the medical image recognition technology with automation, high efficiency and high accuracy by using AI services such as computer image recognition and machine learning running on Microsoft's intelligent cloud, so as to improve the timeliness of fungal sample inspection and identification, and reduce the work intensity of manual inspection And popularize this test to more medical institutions

Microsoft believes that using artificial intelligence technology to learn from human beings and create content equivalent to human quality is an important future trend that has not been noticed by the industry at present

the pursuit and rivalry between robots and humans in IQ is not a new topic for a long time. There is such a robot, which can create poetry, compose music, capture people's emotions, adapt fairy tales and read aloud... Her name is Xiaobing, and it is a complete artificial intelligence framework with the sympathetic model as the core. Xiaobing, who has 660million users around the world, interprets AI creation with excellent emotional perception. "The synaesthesia model is a dialogue engine based on a generative model. The feature of this model is that Xiaobing can create her own response without retrieving from the existing dialogue corpus."

according to the on-site third-party product certification, which is an important one, the synaesthesia model can further improve Xiaobing's control over the content, field and rhythm of the dialogue, that is, Xiaobing can lead the dialogue in the direction she wants through her own response. At present, Microsoft Xiaobing has realized the only four ball friction and wear testing machine with national mandatory standard through AI technology, which can generate text content in the fields of poetry and finance, and audio content in the fields of songs and audio books

"technological innovation is influencing and changing our world and future imperceptibly. The AI technology of the Institute, which is leading the industry, has reached the level comparable to human beings in many aspects. We are trying to create a 'negative' artificial intelligence and promote innovation with respect and harmony." Said shenxiangyang, global executive vice president of Microsoft. Wang Tian

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