Creating plastic cluster in Andalusia, Spain

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Andalusia, Spain creates a plastic cluster

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core tip: in Andalusia, Spain, an Andalusian plastic cluster composed of more than 40 companies was recently established, which includes private enterprises and public organizations. April 8th, 2015

[China Packaging News] in Andalusia, Spain, recently established an Andalusian plastic cluster composed of more than 40 companies. The emission performance of interior decoration parts includes odor experiment, formaldehyde content determination, condensation composition and total carbon emission cluster. This plastic cluster includes private enterprises and public organizations

under the leadership of the technical center for plastics, public organizations and enterprises in the plastic industry will work together to create high-quality employment opportunities and sustainable wealth for the region

the plastic cluster has strong institutional support. At the recent founding ceremony of alcodette castle, the cluster welcomed important government officials, such as Javier carnero, Minister of labor, commerce and trade of Andalusia, Francisco Reyes, President of Hahn provincial government, Francisco buenano, chairman of andaltec foundation, etc

carnero announced during his speech that his department would realize the new cluster strategy of Andalusia in. "The purpose of this initiative is to cultivate these business clusters and prove that they are not only excellent enterprises with competitiveness, but also powerful institutions that fully comply with the public interest of industrial policy." Carnero said

the regional minister also stressed that the industry is represented by more than 420 enterprises in Andalusia. They are mainly concentrated in Hahn Province, which has a number of enterprises engaged in automobile, agriculture and packaging industries

Buenano added that this initiative will revitalize and internationalize small enterprises in the plastics industry. He declared that it would bring new business opportunities, new markets and products and services to these enterprises. All this benefits from the increased R & D activities of enterprises in the plastic cluster

reyes reminded that the plastic industry group is of great importance to the economy of the province. "In Andalusia, all companies in this industry contribute 25% of the economic benefits and create more than 10000 direct and indirect jobs."

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