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Creative design of small package of Fotiao wall

once mentioning "Fotiao wall", a better way to solve the problem of oil temperature rise is to consider from the design of hydraulic system. Everyone knows that it is a famous dish in Shanghai. However, due to the high price of this famous dish, ordinary people dare not ask for it. They know more, but they can taste less. In order to solve the new feeling that this famous dish makes ordinary people taste fresh, Shanghai Jinjiang hotel has specially changed this famous dish into small packages during processing. Due to the small quantity, the price is naturally low. As a result, more and more customers are "tasting fresh". In the past, no one wanted to eat and drink with public funds. The "Buddha jumping over the wall" has suddenly become a hot commodity. The supply exceeds the demand, and the efficiency has increased. It's really a change of train of thought and a change of packaging. "Buddha leaping over the wall" has gone from being shelved in the past and no one cares about it to the current hot selling scene. The improvement of small packaging has played a decisive role. It can be seen that no matter what kind of goods are used to break the war of China's manufacturing industry, packaging is a science and art. Don't ignore the importance of packaging in commodity sales

inspired by the reform of small packaging by "Buddha jumping over the wall", the author thinks that the packaging of some products at present is still unsatisfactory, or the packaging is too noisy to dominate, and the head is bigger than the body; Or packaging at will, against the wishes of consumers and infringe on the interests of consumers. Once upon a time, there were dozens of bottles in the packaging boxes of wine products and beverages, which could not be lifted. It was difficult to load and unload. Consumers did not dare to buy them in boxes, fearing that the consumption would not be completed in the short term, which would affect the quality; As a business, it is not easy to sell. Later, some enterprises continued to improve the packaging, and improved the wine and beverage packaging box to 6-9 bottles. Not only the packaging box was beautifully printed, it was necessary to select the appropriate trial mold ejector, but also suitable as a gift. It was convenient and cheap, and the market suddenly became popular. It can be seen that the market favors small packaging, and small packaging commodities have unlimited business opportunities, potential and fast sales

however, everything has a dual nature. The packaging of commodities should be tailored to suit the needs of the consumers, and the quantity and profit should not be generalized. Because some packages have big advantages and small disadvantages, the direct factor is that the packaging cost is restricting. Large packages of goods can share less packaging cost, on the contrary, too small packages increase unit cost. Today, with fierce market competition, price competition plays a leverage role. For example, the current convenience can reduce its weight by 1/3, and the competition is only a few cents. Therefore, some enterprises use large packaging boxes, Reduce the unit price of instant noodles. Therefore, according to the local economic development, consumption level, personal preferences and other factors, commodity packaging should carefully do a good job in market research, listen to the opinions of consumers, and allow various types of packaging to adjust the market demand and meet the needs of different consumers

information source: Chinese and foreign planning

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