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Build a new pattern of machinery industry in Hebei Province by the end of November, 2001, the machinery industry in Hebei Province had achieved an industrial added value of 14.52 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 3.709 billion yuan and profits of 1.851 billion yuan, an increase of 8.38%, 8.18% and 9.2% respectively over the previous year

2002, the economic environment faced by the machinery industry in Hebei Province is not optimistic, but there are still many favorable conditions. There will also be a growth trend in the whole year. The growth rate of profit after the industrial added value, profits, taxes and profits are expected to reach the level of last year

to achieve this, who is the best and who is the worst about aluminum and plastic door and window products? Experts say that the two products have their own advantages and disadvantages. The machinery industry in Hebei Province must create a new development pattern, that is, a pillar enterprise group based on advantageous products; Industrial economic groups based on pillar enterprises; Entrepreneurs who meet the requirements of market economy. To this end, the work is mainly carried out from the following three aspects: first, seize the opportunity provided by China's entry into the WTO, carry out the work of scaling up the scale, raising the level and creating famous brands for the existing advantageous products, improve the added value and become a competitive fist product. With the help of the external forces of transnational corporations to develop exports, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the experimental results, change the pattern of relying mainly on the domestic market to develop the economy, and gradually create a new situation in which the two markets at home and abroad jointly support the development of machinery industry in Hebei Province

second, starting from improving the core competitiveness of enterprises, we should support enterprises with a certain scale and strength through merger, reorganization, restructuring and other means, and form a group of large enterprise groups that can participate in international competition: and dragon head enterprises with strong competitiveness

third, cultivate a group of outstanding entrepreneurs who meet the needs of the market economy. Through the reform of the distribution system, we should fully reflect the value of entrepreneurs, create a good environment conducive to the growth of managers, and make a number of outstanding entrepreneurs stand out

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