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At present, the trend of building exterior wall is to develop in the direction of outward insulation, especially in cold and severe cold areas, the safety problems involved in external insulation and facing bricks should be handled very carefully

combined with the current external wall tiling system and engineering practice:

⑴ generally, the building regulations are limited to pasting face bricks directly on the insulation layer based on the external insulation of the external wall

⑵ in the external thermal insulation system, only the mesh system in the Beijing local standard dbj/t01-66-2002 (thermal insulation system with thick plastering of steel wire mesh frame) is allowed to be pasted with face bricks. Its stress condition is completely different from that of sticking face bricks on the thermal insulation layer, but a special structural measure is taken

⑶ after the completion of the project, the bonding strength test must be carried out on the face brick wall. According to the industrial standard of the people's Republic of China "standard for testing the bonding strength of decorative bricks in building engineering" jgj110-97, the average bonding strength should not be less than 0.4mpa-0.6mpa. This standard is only applicable to the practice of sticking face bricks on the leveling layer of solid walls or similar practices, and is not applicable to the practice of directly sticking face bricks on the insulation layer

⑷ the reason why some individual systems allow face bricks to be pasted directly on the insulation is conditional and local, and some structural measures must be taken

in view of the current tendency, that is, the practice of directly pasting face bricks on the insulation layer or pasting face bricks with ordinary cement mortar, is more dangerous, and it is a problem related to the safety of people's lives and property, which should be paid attention to

using ordinary cement mortar to paste tiles is easy to cause hollowing and falling off of face tiles, especially after a period of use, accidents caused by falling off are often seen due to temperature cycle and humidity cycle. Generally, in large cities, relevant regulations stipulate that special ceramic tile adhesive must be used to paste tiles, rather than ordinary cement mortar

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