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With the popularity of smart phones, with the help of microblogging, wechat and other social platforms, micro marketing is gaining momentum, and aluminum door and window enterprises have tried their luck. However, micro marketing, which is mainly based on "acquaintance economy", has been popular with its low threshold, but it has also caused widespread controversy


nowadays, with the popularity of smart phones and the momentum of micro marketing through social platforms such as Weibo and wechat, aluminum door and window enterprises have tried to taste the water. However, everything has two sides. Micro marketing, mainly based on "acquaintance economy", has been popular with its low threshold, but it has also caused widespread controversy

"the reason why micro marketing is popular is related to its' acquaintance economy '. Buyers and sellers understand each other and are more confident about quality and price." In the interview, an insider said that in the process of micro marketing, it is often through their friends or friends of friends to spread product information, and generate a "acquaintance economy" of purchase from their acquaintances. The quality and reputation are reliable and guaranteed

more importantly, the o2o model, which combines online and offline micro marketing, facilitates and facilitates transactions. According to the person in charge of an aluminum door and window enterprise, on the micro marketing platform, people can spread information more quickly and save the purchase cost of intermediate circulation links more conveniently. Relatively speaking, micro marketing is a form of o2o marketing. People can buy and pay products on the mobile terminal, and can also buy online and offline transactions

in addition, compared with traditional marketing, the advantages of micro marketing lie in the more accurate collection of potential customers, the more perfect interaction experience with customers, the ability to timely obtain customers' feedback, adjust and upgrade the products or services of the enterprise, and provide new channels for aluminum door and window merchants to promote. In addition, compared with traditional newspapers, television, magazines and other communication methods, micro marketing has the advantage of low cost, This is also an important factor for micro marketing to attract audiences

consumers of aluminum doors and windows should keep an eye on it

however, everything has two sides, and micro marketing is no exception. The lack of legal supervision under the virtual platform has become a fetter on consumers' rights protection

"some people use acquaintances or use acquaintances as introducers to carry out marketing activities, but they sell fake and inferior products." Insiders told reporters that when doing "trading" on wechat, at first, honesty was emphasized. However, under the temptation of interests, some people began to shoddy goods and sell fake and shoddy goods. Many people found that they had been cheated after receiving the goods, which not only damaged their interpersonal circle, but also caused a lot of consumption disputes

in addition, at present, some aluminum door and window merchants are using the trick of "collecting likes and giving gifts", but some consumers have participated in it for many times, but few "gains": some consumers are told that the quota is full when they try to "collect likes", but there are still days before the deadline of the event; Some businesses directly play "hide and seek" on users' cashing requirements, which makes consumers feel that businesses are suspected of false publicity and consumption fraud

for aluminum door and window consumers, the micro marketing of aluminum door and window enterprises has good and bad, and consumers must not fully trust it. It is always good to keep an eye on it every time you buy it. Don't wait until you are fooled to regret it

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