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At this stage, franchisees of aluminum alloy doors and windows have a great influence on manufacturers of aluminum alloy doors and windows. With the development of shopping malls, franchisees need to master the development trends of two aspects in order to seek long-term development in the future

the development trend of franchisees of aluminum alloy doors and windows in the future

one is Mega scale, large-scale planning, low-cost operation, franchisees change to logistics providers, and the development direction of cross regional franchisees can learn from Mega scale

the second is fragmentation, which relies on one category for specialization, that is, an efficient and professional franchisee. Efficient and professional franchisees will not only be the development trend in the future, but also become the "sweet cake" of coating manufacturers

small and medium-sized franchisees of aluminum alloy doors and windows should ensure that they are not screened by shopping malls. Specialization is the only way. Therefore, some excellent aluminum alloy door and window distribution manufacturers are more focused on the in-depth marketing of a certain industry or a certain sector, and they deeply realize that their specialization is the inevitable need for the development of the next life plan

franchisees of aluminum alloy doors and windows need to finish lean and get close to it

however, whether it is huge or fragmented, franchisees of aluminum alloy doors and windows need to finish lean in handling, and get close to specialization from the following aspects:

top of the list, settle in the area, and cultivate carefully. We must be able to take root in shopping malls, and even effectively control the third and fourth level shopping malls, and form a strong position in some areas

second, the orientation of the policy is reasonable. Do you want to be a professional franchisee or a logistics franchisee? We must be very clear about which link of the industrial chain and which section of money we earn. Blind diversification and extension will fail

third, build a thick network. We should often ask ourselves this question: you have made tens of millions and billions of sales revenue. Is there a region that has done a good job in ensuring revenue in drought and flood? Are there a group of customers who follow you wholeheartedly? Are there any brands that do the best in this place? Without these three conditions, you will be very risky. Therefore, settling in the area and intensive cultivation are very important

fourth, establish a brand and improve your own image. Franchisees' brands are very important, and the brand composition of franchisees mainly depends on the supply of value-added services, a stable location and a stable source of customers. We should provide value-added services to terminals, rather than just selling goods to them. Not only to help them sell their goods, but also to help them make money

franchisees of aluminum alloy doors and windows must keep in touch with each other and operate sensitively. Aluminum alloy door and window franchisees, no matter how big the plan is, whether it is huge or fragmented, their central talent is the lean management and intensive cultivation of shopping malls, which are sensitive, sensitive, insightful and quick response. If they lack this talent, no matter how big the plan is, what is the essence of the plan? The essence of planning is speed. It depends on the speed to defeat the competitors. How many times your speed, how many times my plan to fight you




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