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Modern urban life is busy and tense. A warm home can bring everyone the most relaxed leisure time

Preface: modern urban life is busy and tense. A warm home can bring everyone the most relaxed leisure time. But how can we make home warm and comfortable? As long as you master some skills, you can easily create a pleasant home. In the face of the rising price of future houses, second-hand (for sale and rent) houses have become the first choice for many office workers to buy houses. The reporter recently visited a number of second-hand housing intermediaries in Beijing and found that the small white-collar workers after the 1980s have become the main force in the sales of second-hand housing with relatively low prices and convenient transportation. How to use their limited funds to decorate a satisfactory home is learned

typical case: using old things wisely saves 20000 yuan

working in a Xiaowen School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it was less than two years after graduation, and the funds on hand were limited. After reading several houses, she and her boyfriend bought two second-hand houses built in the 1990s in Hepingli and Panjiayuan respectively this year. The down payment of the two suites has spent most of their savings. In order to change the appearance of the new home, they finally completed the decoration at the lowest cost after careful calculation. It is said that due to the principle of saving in the decoration and the smart use of old things, they finally saved about 20000 yuan compared with the designer's initial budget

how can the decoration make the second-hand house safe, economical, fashionable and warm? Xiaowen, a senior designer and home decorator, told reporters about her experience

saving know-how before decoration, a detailed decoration plan needs to be formulated

compared with the decoration of blank houses, the decoration of second-hand houses also involves the demolition and transformation of the original decoration, which makes the owners feel more headache. Insiders told reporters that the decoration of second-hand houses is different from that of new houses, which is more prone to waste and pollution. Owners should pay attention to these aspects

it is very necessary to formulate a detailed decoration plan before decoration, which will avoid increasing or decreasing projects at any time during the decoration process, wasting man hours and financial resources. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the fact that in the decoration of second-hand houses, it is not allowed to blindly destroy the wall for the sake of beauty, especially smash the load-bearing wall, because the space design of the old house type has certain limitations, which will bring great potential safety hazards to the house and should be avoided

the key transformation of electric wires and water pipes should be scientific transformation

compared with the decoration of new houses, the decoration of second-hand houses generally includes the transformation of the original water and electricity lines, floor renovation, door and window renovation and other contents, especially the transformation of electric wires and water pipes, which adds a lot of difficulties to the design and construction of second-hand houses

take wires as an example. The wires used in old houses before 1995 are generally aluminum wires, which have not yet been applied with copper core wires. This generally needs to be modified during secondary decoration, which may involve re cutting the wall for reconstruction, which increases a lot of work quantities. The water pipes of old houses are generally galvanized pipes, which will rust and rot after years of use, and form a very thick alkali, affecting the drinking water quality of the owners

in the reconstruction of second-hand houses, it is generally necessary to change the pipeline to the current general PPR pipe, which is conducive to improving the water quality of residents in old houses. If it is really inconvenient to replace the pipe with PPR pipe during the secondary decoration, the corresponding drinking water filtration device should also be added to it

waterproofing of second-hand houses cannot be relaxed

in addition to wires and water pipes, waterproofing should also become a problem that should be paid attention to in the decoration of second-hand houses

before the decoration of a new house, the builder has carried out a waterproof test on it. Generally, there is no problem in waterproof. However, after years of use, the original equipment of the old house is old, and there may be water leakage. The home decoration company should do a water avoidance test before decoration to verify whether it is intact

at the same time, in the transformation of old houses, it is sometimes necessary to remove and replace the aged and outdated tiles. In the process of removal, there is a great vibration, which may also cause waterproof cracks and problems. Therefore, if the second-hand house has carried out the decoration steps of removing tiles, it should re carry out the waterproof test later to ensure that there is no problem with waterproof

understand the taboo, smashing first and then refitting is the most wasteful

if the second-hand house decoration adopts the method of smashing first and then refitting, it is easy to cause great damage and waste

if the style and specification of ceramic tiles used in the bathroom and kitchen are good, it is not necessary to remove them all at this time. Instead, you can replace the roof and other parts that are prone to aging, which can also make the house look new. When the door and window are in good condition, but there are small problems such as fading, you can choose to repaint its surface and continue to use it

the change of the wall is generally an important project in the transformation of second-hand houses. When the wall is only damaged and faded, you can choose to remove the original paint and repaint it

don't judge all the old furniture “ Death penalty &rdquo

the original furniture ornaments do not need to be sentenced at one time “ Death penalty ”, It can be transformed by adding decoration. For example, under the guidance of the designer of the home decoration company, matching the table with a glass surface, or adding Boeing pieces and fireproof boards with various colors and patterns can play a very good decorative effect. In addition, adding covers of different colors and styles to sofas can also play a role in giving the room a new look

don't renovate the floor blindly

in the decoration of second-hand houses, because the floor renovation cost is relatively cheap, many second-hand house owners plan to renovate all the old floors in their homes. However, according to experts, only solid wood floors, solid wood composite floors and bamboo floors with a surface thickness of 4mm can be renovated. In addition, local renovation will also cause the difference between the old and new floors, so consumers cannot renovate the floors blindly

floor renovation is to restore the old floor as new by grinding, puttying, painting, waxing and polishing the surface of the floor. Compared with buying the floor again, the old floor adapts to the indoor environment and has better stability; The renovation cost is also much cheaper. Experts said that not all floors can be renovated. There is a layer of aluminum oxide wear-resistant layer on the surface of the laminate floor. Renovating the floor will damage its wear-resistant layer, causing the floor to aggravate aging, so the laminate floor cannot be renovated. Only solid wood floors, solid wood composite floors and bamboo floors with a surface thickness of 4mm can be renovated

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