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I'm not studying interior design. How can I understand the drawings? I'm afraid I have to be led by the designer. Many owners who plan to decorate their new houses are trying to find a suitable decoration company, but in the face of the design scheme provided by the designer, most owners say they can't understand it very well. They all look at the drawings and listen to the designer's description. They have no idea what the future looks like, and some owners don't even know what drawings a home decoration design scheme has and what role it can play. So, what should be a complete home improvement plan? How can a layman owner understand it

first, start with the original house type drawing

Mr. Wang, a designer who has been engaged in the home decoration industry for more than ten years, said that generally speaking, a set of home decoration design drawings consists of seven parts, namely, the original house type drawing, the floor plan, the top plan, the elevation drawing, the node detail drawing, the water and electricity circuit diagram, etc. if the owner needs, he should also provide the effect drawings of several main spaces. It is reported that the original house type drawing is the house drawing actually measured by the designer. It is recommended that the owner and the designer measure together on site. The more detailed the original size, the better, because in the future, some specific locations need to be equipped with furniture or electrical appliances, so the owner can refer to the original house type and put forward requirements to the designer

second, the vital plan

when the original house type map comes out, the layout plan is crucial. The layout plan provided by the designer is generally the layout of the whole house type. The layout plan must show the size of each room in detail, and it is required that the location marks of furniture and electrical appliances are correct, and the use area of each house is calculated accurately. The owner can clearly understand the use function of each room and the placement of furniture from the drawings

after the layout plan comes out, the matching top plan cannot be ignored. It is reported that the decoration top plan is a drawing indicating the roof layout. From the top plan, the owner can see the condition and size of the decorated roof, the location of the top lamps, and the distance and height difference from each furniture to the top. Of course, it's easy to see the top shape in this figure at a glance, so although many owners can't understand the top shape, it is suggested that the top shape should be understood clearly by the designer anyway. If necessary, it's best to let the designer give a simple three-dimensional shape temporarily to help imagine the top shape design effect of the future home

III. see details in the elevation drawing

the elevation drawing is the front elevation projection of the internal walls and objects of the building, which represents the relevant positions and sizes of the indoor walls and various equipment, and can provide the owner with the indoor and outdoor height difference of the house type, indicating the size and location relationship of the designed building components and decorative components, the location and function of each room, the location and size of the walkways, stairs, passages and other flow spaces, as well as doors The opening direction, position and size of the window, as well as the position of the power switch and light box. The node diagram is simply an enlarged view of a project or a part. At first, many owners couldn't understand it, but as long as they were prompted by the designer, most of them could understand it. This picture has a very important reference value for owners to understand the effect of future homes

IV. water and electricity drawings that cannot be ignored

when the owner understands the above types of drawings, the appearance of the whole home has come out. However, as the most important link in the family decoration project - hydropower transformation, we must remember not to take it lightly, so the hydropower route map is very important

it is understood that the water and electricity diagrams provided by the decorator are relatively simple at present, because the layout of water and electricity buildings provided by most new houses is relatively reasonable. If the owner wants to make major changes, in addition to drawing a relatively detailed water and electricity transformation drawing, it is best to mark the changed position with the designer and construction personnel on the site according to the drawing

finally, for some owners who really don't understand the design scheme, they can also ask the designer to provide intuitive renderings. Of course, due to the high production cost and energy consumption of such drawings, the designer will generally charge a certain fee





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