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Shenzhen Huizhou Heli creates a world-class chemical industry park Shenzhen Huizhou Heli creates a world-class chemical industry park March 31, 2006 with the commencement and production of the CNOOC Shell project across the sea, there will also be a rumble of construction on Shenzhen Dapeng Peninsula. As an important part of the Daya Bay petrochemical industrial cluster planned by Guangdong Province, it has been identified as a Shenzhen fine chemical park by the Shenzhen Municipal Party committee and government. It is reported that the park has preliminarily determined a total investment of 6billion yuan and a planned area of 11.4 square kilometers. It will focus on the development of LNG (liquid natural gas) chemical industry, new materials and fine chemical industry

the development of fine chemicals "relies on but does not depend on"

as an important part of the Daya Bay petrochemical industry cluster by 2030, Shenzhen fine chemical industry park is also an important breakthrough for the appropriate heavy industry in Shenzhen. As early as the beginning of 2004, in order to promote the planning and construction of the fine chemical industry base, Shenzhen set up a leading group for the planning and construction of the fine chemical industry base in Shenzhen, and selected the Dapeng Peninsula across the sea from Huizhou, CNOOC and shell

Bai Yi, vice president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute and head of the research group of Shenzhen fine chemical industry development planning, said that Shenzhen fine chemical industry park will rely on the advantages of coastal location and market resources, take advantage of the superior transportation conditions of Shenzhen port and developed logistics, use imported raw materials or raw materials from Huizhou and other surrounding Petrochemical bases, and develop high-tech, high added value "Three high and one low" fine chemical products, new chemical materials and engineering plastics with high investment density and low pollution

Bai Yi said that the development of fine chemicals in Shenzhen should reflect the principle of "relying on but not relying on". Shenzhen can fully rely on the industrial pattern formed in the surrounding areas and seize the opportunity to develop relevant downstream industries. However, it should also be clearly recognized that Shenzhen cannot and cannot completely rely on its product raw materials. It must use its own good logistics conditions to obtain raw material support from other petrochemical bases at home and abroad. Therefore, the industrial planning should reflect the advantages and characteristics of Shenzhen and complement the advantages of other cities. On the one hand, try not to form repeated construction with surrounding Petrochemical bases. On the other hand, for necessary overlapping projects, as long as the market resources are sufficient, Shenzhen should dare to take advantage of its own advantages in market, capital and mechanism, actively participate in the development of some products, seize opportunities and develop moderately

the launch of CNOOC and shell provides new opportunities for development

with the formal launch of the South China Sea petrochemical project of CNOOC and shell with a total investment of US $4.2 billion, a world-class petrochemical industry base around Daya Bay is rising

according to the introduction, Daya Bay petrochemical zone, which relies on the Nanhai petrochemical project of CNOOC and shell, currently has 26 large projects under construction and petrochemical downstream projects, with a total investment of more than 81billion yuan, 15 projects have been settled, with a total investment of more than 73billion yuan, and 11 petrochemical downstream projects under discussion, with an investment of more than 8billion yuan. Among the settled projects, the total investment in four major projects, namely, CNOOC shell Nanhai petrochemical, CNOOC Huizhou oil refining, Huizhou LNG power plant and Huade petrochemical, is more than 66billion yuan. Among them, CNOOC shell Nanhai petrochemical project was successfully put into operation at the beginning of this year; CNOOC Huizhou oil refining project is expected to be completed and put into operation in june2008; The first unit of Huizhou LNG power plant project is planned to be put into operation in June this year; Huade petrochemical project has completed the construction of two 100000 m3 crude oil tanks and corresponding supporting facilities in phase I project. It is estimated that by 2010, the total annual sales of Daya Bay petrochemical zone will exceed 100billion yuan, which can not only alleviate the situation that Guangdong relies on imports for 40% of its chemical raw materials, but also become a new growth point for the sustainable economic development of Guangdong Province

Professor linling, vice president of China Federation of industrial economics, believes that after the CNOOC shell Nanhai petrochemical project in Daya Bay petrochemical zone is put into operation, a huge petrochemical industry belt will be formed around Daya Bay. Professor Lin Ling believes that the subjective and objective conditions of Shenzhen are not suitable for heavy chemical industries such as steel and petrochemical. However, large petrochemical enterprises such as CNOOC shell Nanhai petrochemical project under construction in the surrounding areas of Shenzhen provide a new opportunity for the development of Shenzhen's fine chemical industry. Petrochemical industry is an important raw material industry. It has many downstream products with high technical content and added value. Shenzhen should focus on the market demand at home and abroad and make a difference in the development of fine chemicals

the cooperation between Shenzhen and Huizhou will produce a 1 + 1> 2 Effect

as neighbors separated by a strip of water, Shenzhen and Huizhou have started economic and trade cooperation very early. With the commissioning of CNOOC shell Nanhai petrochemical project and the troublesome process between Shenzhen Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. and the start-up of the construction of kaixiao chemical park, which is a user's process and needs to pay a certain amount of money, a new chapter of industrial cooperation between Shenzhen and Huizhou will be written again

in view of the light industrial structure, Shenzhen has clearly put forward the development strategy of "aggravating" the industry in the new round of economic growth cycle, in which fine chemical industry is listed as the first of the 11 "heavy" industries to be cultivated. Subsequently, Shenzhen chose Dapeng Peninsula to plan and build a fine chemical industry park. In the "implementation plan for Shenzhen's integration into the Pan Pearl River Delta" issued in February, 2005, Shenzhen further proposed to take the Huizhou petrochemical project as an opportunity to promote the planning and construction of fine chemical parks and cooperate to build a world-class Daya Bay port chemical park

at the provincial Conference on petrochemical industry and petrochemical base construction held in Guangzhou in December 2005, Shenzhen fine chemical industry park was officially incorporated into the provincial "Eleventh Five Year" five major petrochemical base construction plan, becoming an important part of Daya Bay petrochemical base. So far, the docking of the two places in the petrochemical industry has become a fact. Cuiganzhi, assistant inspector of Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Bureau and director of the Preparatory Office of Shenzhen fine chemical industry park, said that as a relatively independent industrial group, Shenzhen fine chemical industry park will mainly undertake the radiation of Guangzhou petrochemical, CNOOC shell Nanhai petrochemical, Shenzhen LNG and other projects. The joint development of petrochemical industry between Shenzhen and Huizhou is conducive to the realization of complementary advantages and will have the function of automatic revision; It will produce the effect of 1 + 1> 2, form a world-class petrochemical industry cluster around Daya Bay, and jointly realize the goal of building Daya Bay petrochemical base proposed by the provincial government

some encouraged projects in Shenzhen fine chemical industry park

refined product oil; Large LNG ethylene and olefin series products; Large synthetic fiber and new varieties of differentiated synthetic fiber; Large scale synthetic resin and new process and product of synthetic resin; Basic organic chemical raw materials in line with economic scale (II) refinement take oscilloscope as an example and new organic chemical materials

new fine inorganic chemical products, high-speed coil coatings, automotive coatings, heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings, special coatings, powder coatings, medium and high-grade civil coatings; New varieties of dyes (cotton reactive dyes, used pigments and lakes, etc.), new reagents (biochemical reagents, instrumental analytical reagents, clinical diagnostic tests, etc.); New auxiliaries (textile auxiliaries, oilfield auxiliaries, etc.); New biochemical products (nucleic acid derivatives, active peptides, etc.); New information chemicals; New and efficient catalyst

Shenzhen promotes the planning and construction of Fine Chemical Industry Park, and wants to cooperate with surrounding areas to build a world-class Daya Bay harbor chemical industry park

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